Cuba presents Linux-based operating system

Cuba presents Linux-based operating system

The state informatics university launched an updated, Cuban-designed
operating system based on the open-access
Linux software.

The commercial arm of the Universidad de Ciencias Informáticas presented
version 3.0 of Nova Linux at the Informática 2011 fair in Havana, saying
it will speed up Cuba’s conversion to open-access software.

Cuba is planning to convert most of its IT operations to the new system
this year. Beginning this year, all personal computers assembled by a
Chinese-Cuban joint venture will be loaded with both Windows and Nova
Linux. The use of Microsoft Corp.’s ubiquitous Windows system has been
hampered by U.S. sanctions.

Emulating Microsoft Office, the UCI also developed a package of
applications called Nova Escritorio. Other UCI products include Nova
Servidores for servers, and Nova Ligero for mini laptops and small

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