Five Enterprise Features in PostgreSQL 9.0

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group recently released PostgreSQL 9.0, with major new features and more than 200 addons and improvements for the popular database.

If you look at the release notes you’ll find a ton of new features and enhancements to existing features. For example, this release brings better error messages for unique constraints, improvements in PL languages for stored procedures, and a lot more. Wading through the PostgreSQL 9.0 release notes is a DBA’s delight, but what are the top features in this release? I pinged PostgreSQL core team member Josh Berkus and got some input on the most important features for PostgreSQL 9. Binary Replication

At the top of the list? Binary replication. Berkus says this is comparable to Oracle’s DataGuard. Binary replication is actually two features, hot standby and streaming replication.»

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