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Linux books for anyone who wants to take Linux to the next level. Extract or mount the image with PowerISO.


A-List – Hacker Linux Uncovered (2005).chm

Addison Wesley – Advanced Linux Networking (2002).chm

Addison Wesley – Managing Linux Systems with Webmin System Administration and Module Development (2003).chm

Addison Wesley – Moving to Linux 2nd Edition (2005).chm

Addison Wesley – Multitool Linux, Practical Uses for Open Source Software (2002).chm

Addison Wesley – Spring Into Linux (2005).chm

Apress – Automating Linux and Unix System Administration 2nd Edition (2009).pdf

Apress – Beginning the Linux Command Line (2009).pdf

Apress – Hardening Linux (2005).pdf

Apress – Pro Linux System Administration (2009).pdf

Apress – The Definitive Guide to Linux Network Programming (2004).pdf

Apress – Tuning and Customizing a Linux System (2002).chm

Charles River Media – GNU Linux Application Programming (2005).chm

Charles River Media – Linux Applications Development for the Enterprise (2004).chm

Charles River Media – Linux Network Security (2005).chm

Charles River Media – Moving from Windows to Linux (2004).chm

CRM – GNU-Linux Application Programming 2nd Edition (2008).pdf

CRM – Windows to Linux Business Desktop Migration (2006).pdf

Hungry Minds – Linux+ Certification Bible (2002).pdf

IBM – Implementing Linux in your Network using Samba (1999).pdf

IBM – Linux Performance and Tuning Guidelines (2007).pdf

Introduction to Linux, A Hands on Guide (2005).pdf

Linux Administrator’s Security Guide (1999).pdf

Linux Network Administrators Guide.pdf

Linux Newbie Guide.pdf

Linux Transfer for Windows Network Admins (2003).chm

Manning – Gnuplot in Action (2009).pdf

McGraw-Hill – CompTIA Linux+ Certification Study Guide (2008).pdf

McGraw-Hill – Hacking Exposed Linux 3rd Edition (2008).pdf

McGraw-Hill – Hardening Linux (2004).chm

McGraw-Hill – Linux Administration, A Beginner’s Guide 5th Edition (2008).pdf

McGraw-Hill – Linux, The Complete Reference 6th Edition (2008).pdf

MIT – Beowulf Cluster Computing with Linux 2nd Edition (2003).chm

Multi-Threaded Programming With POSIX Threads.pdf

New Riders – Advanced Linux Programming (2001).chm

New Riders – Advanced Linux Programming (2001).pdf

New Riders – Inside Linux (2000).pdf

New Riders – Linux Clustering Building and Maintaining Linux Clusters (2002).pdf

New Riders – Networking Linux, A Practical Guide to TCP-IP (2001).chm

Newnes – Embedded Linux Development Using Eclipse (2008).pdf

No Starch – Absolute BSD, The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD (2002).pdf

No Starch – Linux Appliance Design (2007).pdf

No Starch – Linux Firewalls (2007).pdf

No Starch – Linux for Non-Geeks (2004).chm

No Starch – Linux in the Workplace, How to Use Linux in Your Office (2002).pdf

No Starch – The Linux Cookbook 2nd Edition (2004).pdf

O’Reilly – Alphabetical Directory of Linux Command.pdf

O’Reilly – bash Cookbook (2007).pdf

O’Reilly – Building Embedded Linux Systems (2003).chm

O’Reilly – Building Embedded Linux Systems (2003).pdf

O’Reilly – Building Embedded Linux Systems 2nd Edition (2008).pdf

O’Reilly – Building Secure Servers with Linux (2002).chm

O’Reilly – Building Secure Servers with Linux (2002).pdf

O’Reilly – Exploring the JDS Linux Desktop (2004).chm

O’Reilly – High Performance Linux Clusters with OSCAR, Rocks, OpenMosix and MPI (2004).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Annoyances for Geeks (2006).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Cookbook (2004).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Desktop Hacks (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Device Drivers 3rd Edition (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Device Drivers 3rd Edition (2005).pdf

O’Reilly – Linux in a Nutshell 5th Edition (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Linux in a Nutshell 6th Edition (2009).pdf

O’Reilly – Linux in a Windows World (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Kernel in a Nutshell (2006).pdf

O’Reilly – Linux Multimedia Hacks (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Network Administrator’s Guide 3rd Edition (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Networking Administrator’s Guide (2000).pdf

O’Reilly – Linux Networking Cookbook (2008).pdf

O’Reilly – Linux Security Cookbook (2003).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Server Hacks (2003).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Server Hacks (2003).pdf

O’Reilly – Linux Server Hacks Volume 2 (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Linux Server Security (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Linux System Administration (2007).pdf

O’Reilly – Linux System Programming (2007).pdf

O’Reilly – LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell 2nd Edition (2006).chm

O’Reilly – Managing RAID on Linux (2003).pdf

O’Reilly – Running Linux 4th Edition (2002).pdf

O’Reilly – SELinux (2004).chm

O’Reilly – Test Driving Linux (2005).chm

O’Reilly – The Complete FreeBSD 4th Edition.pdf

O’Reilly – Understanding Linux Network Internals (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Understanding the Linux Kernel 3rd Edition (2005).chm

O’Reilly – Using Samba (1999).pdf

O’Reilly – X Power Tools (2007).chm

O’Reilly – X Power Tools (2008).pdf

Packt – Designing and Implementing Linux Firewalls and QoS using netfilter, iproute2, NAT, and L7-filter (2006).pdf

Packt – Linux Thin Client Networks Design and Deployment (2007).pdf

Packt – Scalix, Linux Administrator’s Guide (2008).pdf

Peachpit – Unix and Linux, Visual Quick Start Guide 4th Edition (2009).pdf

Prentice Hall – A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming (2005).chm

Prentice Hall – Embedded Linux Primer (2006).chm

Prentice Hall – Essential Linux Device Drivers (2008).chm

Prentice Hall – Integrating Linux and Windows (2000).pdf

Prentice Hall – Linux Desktop Garage (2005).chm

Prentice Hall – Linux for Programmers and Users (2006).chm

Prentice Hall – Linux Patch Management, Keeping Linux Systems Up To Date (2006).chm

Prentice Hall – Linux Troubleshooting for System Administrators and Power Users (2006).chm

Prentice Hall – Live Linux CDs, Building and Customizing Bootables (2007).pdf

Prentice Hall – Performance Tuning for Linux Servers (2005).chm

Prentice Hall – SELinux by Example, Using Security Enhanced Linux (2006).chm

Prentice Hall – The Linux Kernel Primer (2005).chm

Prentice Hall – The Linux Programmer’s Toolbox (2007).pdf

Prentice Hall – The Official Damn Small Linux Book (2007).chm

Prentice Hall – UNIX to Linux Porting (2006).chm

Prentice Hall – User Mode Linux (2006).chm

Programming Guide for Linux USB Device Drivers (2000).pdf

Que – Special Edition Using Linux (1999).pdf

RedHat – Linux Complete Command Reference (1997).pdf

Sams – Expanding Choice Moving to Linux and Open Source with Novell Open Enterprise Server (2005).chm

Sams – Linux Kernel Development 2nd Edition (2005).chm

Sams – Linux, Phrasebook (2006).chm

Sams – Maximum Linux Security 2nd Edition (2001).pdf

Sams – Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours 2nd Edition (1999).pdf

Slackware – Slackware Linux Essentails 2nd Edition (2005).pdf

Slackware Linux Unleashed.pdf

Springer – Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux (2005).pdf

Sybex – Linux Administrator Street Smarts (2007).pdf

Sybex – Linux Network Servers.pdf

Sybex – Linux System Administration 2nd Edition (2002).pdf

Sybex – Linux+ Study Guide (2001).pdf

Sybex – Mastering Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (2004).pdf

Syngress – Hack Proofing Linux, A Guide to Open Source Security (2001).pdf

Syngress – How to Cheat at Securing Linux (2007).pdf

The Linux Cookbook, Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use (2001).pdf

The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide (2009).pdf

Thomson Course Technology – Linux+ 2005 In Depth (2005).pdf

Visibooks – The Visibooks Guide to Linspire Five-O (2006).pdf

Wiley – BSD UNIX Toolbox, 1000+ Commands for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD Power User (2008).pdf

Wiley – Linux All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies 2nd Edition (2006).pdf

Wiley – Linux All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies 3rd Edition (2008).pdf

Wiley – Linux Bible 2008 Edition (2008).pdf

Wiley – Linux Bible 2009 Edition (2009).pdf

Wiley – Linux For Dummies 8th Edition (2007).pdf

Wiley – Linux Smart Homes For Dummies (2006).pdf

Wiley – Linux Timesaving Techniques For Dummies (2004).pdf

Wiley – Linux Toys II, 9 Cool New Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment (2006).pdf

Wiley – Linux Troubleshooting Bible (2004).chm

Wordware – Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming (2001).pdf

Wordware – The Tomes of Kylix, The Linux API (2002).pdf

Wrox – Beginning Linux Programming 4th Edition (2008).pdf

Wrox – Professional Linux Kernel Architecture (2008).pdf

Wrox – Professional Linux Programming (2007).pdf


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