Tuning into Love – 019 ‘Shine like a Diamond’

It only takes one bout of ‘the lurgy’ to make me appreciate my general good to great health all the more. This last week I’ve nursed my three babies through a nasty set of high temperatures, snuffles, coughs, chills and the rest, till finally on the weekend I went down with the same thing. Perfect Timing of course, as my partner was home and could take care of them and me. (he was so pleased to go back to work on Monday, I can tell you)

We are all on the mend now, thanks to a weaving of therapies like Homeopathy (thanks to my beautiful friend Butterfly), Crystal Therapy (Oh how I LOVE and appreciate Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz), Aromatherapy (Yay for Eucalyptus, Cedarwood and Lavender mixes!), Hydration Therapy, Massage (Sinus massage and Lymph massage help incredibly well), Yogic Breathing exercises, heaps of nutritious superfood smoothies, the blessing of having Holy Basil growing plentifully and mixing it with pure, natural honey, and finally, the ‘lifesaver’, Sea Salt.

When a body is depleted of nutrients because its run down, exhausted or over stressed, it is open to infections, and this can lead to ill-health. Restoring this nutrient balance is essential for a quick and full recovery. I had been able to just click into gear with all of the therapies I’ve mentioned but strangely, I’d not given myself the Sea Salt. Come to the 2nd day of being ‘ill’, and I’d just had enough. (I do not know HOW I got through adolescence let alone childhood with the relentless barrage of sickness I experienced almost on a monthly basis)

Another dose of Rescue Remedy and more water, and while it calmed me I wanted to be ‘well’. I was lying there and suddenly I noticed that the thing MOST annoying me was my ‘lack of connection’, my mojo was running low! I felt ‘unaware’. My consciousness seemed drastically impaired and as I drifted off into a daydream I had a vision of blue crystalline structures, washing into my Mind. ‘Sploooshy’ waves of ‘ahhhhh’. Then, ‘ping!’, I remembered the salt.

Over the next few hours each time I had my Holy Basil leaves and honey I also gave myself a pinch of ground up Celtic Sea Salt. Its got the highest content of minerals of all the sea salts. Within two hours I’d got a huge turnaround. This was about 3 or 4 doses of salt, taken with the other things and lots of water too…got to have water to help the body assimilate it all. I sat down to meditate/rest/re-align and had a beautiful vision of my body radiating Light from a myriad of pinpoints. As if all the Meridian junctions were lighting up!

»I tune into Love by nourishing my Self»
»I access infinite Solutions with Perfect Ease»

Our Inner Light of Knowledge is a powerful teacher. It stores all that information we have accummulated and  waits for you to connect in and access it. Crystals are used in computers to store just a fraction of what the  Mind can retain, so imagine how many ‘crystals’ there are inside you now! Shine like a Diamond? More like ‘Blaze like the Sun’! :)) »Flame ON!!» :))

*sniff* *bling!*

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