MPS report (PFE version) on Windows Severer 2008


Please run the MPS report (PFE version) on the server for the analyzing. The MPS Reporting Tool is utilized to gather detailed information regarding a systems current configuration. The data collected will assist you with fault isolation.
 1. Please download MPS Reporting Tool (MPSRPT_PFE.EXE) from the following link
Please note: The link may be truncated when you read the E-mail. Be sure to include all text between ‘(‘ and ‘)’ when navigating to the download location.
 2. Right click MPSRPT_PFE.EXE and select Run as Administrator to run this tool, and you will see a Command Window start up.
 3. Please type Y with the message of
 4. When the tool is done you will see an Explorer Window opening up the %systemroot%\MPSReports\PFE\cab folder and containing a {Computername} file.
 5. We may need to verify that there is no error message within the Windows_Storage_DMDIAG.log, if so you may reboot the server to see if you can re-add the mirror volume of the boot disk in this case.
If the issue still continues, I suspect that the bad sectors are physically located on the disk. In this way, please backup the data on the bad volume and replace it with a new one if possible

Cannot Create Software Mirror If Disk Contains Bad Blocks

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