Google Chrome Plugins directory – Missing plugins

missing plugin in opensuse
Missing plugins
What kind of videos? Flash or embedded?
Check about:plugins for the appropriate plugin to see if it’s installed.
If it’s embedded..I’ve always had trouble with Totem (not even just as a browser plugin). 

Uninstall Totem and just install VLC,
If it’s flash you’ll probably just have to reinstall flash.

Chrome installs to a user folder, Flash does not, it installs to Program Files which requires administrator privileges.
If you can find just the dll(s) you need for Flash, you can copy them to Chrome’s plugins folder manually and it will work.

Source by Waha
chrome-internal: These URLs cannot be entered into the omnibox.
view-cache: shows you all the files in your cache with links to view the HTTP headers received when you got the file, as well as a hex/ASCII view of the data.
chrome-user-script:*.user.js where *.user.js is the filename of the installed User Script. Shows you the source of that User Script.
about: Shows you your version information of Chrome and WebKit and stuff.
about:version Same as above.
about:blank Blank page.
about:cache Same as view-cache:
about:memory «Stats for nerds» as linked to by the Task Manager
about:memory-redirect Redirects to «about:memory»
about:terms Google Chrome Terms of Service.
about:dns View DNS request history.
about:histograms «Histograms»..not sure what that means 😛 looks like benchmarks to me.
about:objects Listed, but it doesn’t seem to display anything..
about:stats Displays stats about V8 and stuff. Only able to render if you use the command line switch –enable-stats-table
about:plugins Shows all your plugins, if they’re enabled, etc etc.
about:credits Shows all third-party libraries used in Chrome’s creation with links to their homepages and licenses.
about:linux-splash Listed, but it doesn’t seem to display anything.. Might be linux only.
chrome://about/* Where * is what normally goes to the right of a colon in and «about:» URI. It’s the same thing as about:*, just more typing. lol This is what all «about:*» urls are routed to.
chrome://theme/* Where * is the name of the piece of the current theme. For example: theme_frame, theme_frame_incognito, theme_toolbar, css/newtab.css At least that’s all I can find in the source that work.
chrome://thumb/URL Where URL is a URL you’ve visited, such as
chrome://favicon/URL See above.
view-net-internal:* View network internals, currently only your proxy configuration. You can also use any of the URL listed on that page to view only a specific one. * can be one of the strings listed after the slash in the URLs listed on that page, for example: proxyservice
about:net-internal/* Mapped to ]view-net-internal:*
about:crash Show the crash page.
about:hang Constantly loading.. ie. hangs the page.
about:shorthang Constantly loading.. ie. hangs the page.
about:inducebrowsercrashforrealz Crashes the browser. lol Seems to only be here temporarily.

Self-explanatory/already known:

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