AP on-the-go

I present you another set of useful bash scripts, this time I created an application to turn your Linux box into a wifi AP.

If you have a Linux box with a working Internet connection and a wireless adapter that has a driver that supports Master mode you can use this set of scripts to easily create an AP with WPA and DHCP support.

The default configuration creates a network that allows 5 machines on it, but you may change it (along with the WPA passphrase and SSID) and is oriented to madwifi users but can be changed in no-time, see below.

  • Download.


  • Dependencies.

You will need the wireless tools package of your distro and the madwifi-tools.
If you want to have WPA encryption you will require hostap.
And for the DHCP server support, the dhcp (or dhcpd) package.
Hostap and dhcp are not mandatory but strongly recommended.

  • Configuring and running. 

Unpack the package and open the file ap_start, you will see the default configuration variables right on top, change them to fit your needs.

Once done, just run as root:

# bash ap_start

And off you go, you AP is created.

To stop it (as root again):

# bash ap_stop

  •  Screenshots.

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